There are worlds awaiting to be created 

at the tip of my hands.
There are people blooming inside my head,

hoping for their stories to be told.

I am no poet.
I am no one but a writer in the shadows,

wishing upon the light that will bring my stories to life.

And if none comes, I must take up the torch myself

and set my own path ablaze.

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Get to know BookshelfPH,an online bookstore that publishes and distributes titles by Filipino authors, for the Filipino audience.

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book reviews

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If you haven’t read “From Blood and Ash” and you want to go in unbiased, skip this review for now because this might taint that.

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Trope Spotlight: When the Underdog MC Gets A Powerful Comeback and Shuts Up Their Bullies

Give me a good comeback story any day and watch me bawl in pride by the end of it. When I watch films, a series, or any type of storytelling content, that’s always something I wait for. That in-your-face moment.

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Let's dissect – here are my full candid thoughts about my reads, with in-depth analyses and full-blown rants about my reading experiences.

Hi there, 👋🏼

One thing that will always have me releasing my inner geek is storytelling, particularly in the world of fiction books. I started skimmingspines as an outlet for all the thoughts and emotions that I go through after taking in a good (or bad) story, in the hopes of creating a safe space to discuss, rant, and fangirl with other fellow story lovers 🥺

A big part of my vision is to foster bookworms and create a sense of community out of the common love for all the fictional worlds we'll never see, characters we won't ever meet, and adventures we can only hope to have. 

On that note, I dream of this digital space to one day transform into a physical hub where book lovers can have easy access to some of the most compelling stories, and be within close proximity to other dreamers like them. This is what I hope to be the first step in building that community in the Philippines, and eventually branch out across oceans and to other countries.

I can't be more thrilled to have you on board, even it's just for a little while! Cheers, and feel free to get lost in the multiverse of books 📚 with me.

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